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Commemoration of the UN day for South-South Cooperation 2022

Remarks by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj



On the occasion of the UN day for South-South Cooperation 2022, I extend my warm greetings to all. 


The developing countries of the South are bound by a sense of kinship and solidarity. India has always been deeply committed to the principles of cooperation, co-existence, plurality and shared prosperity. 


Over the years, India’s development partnership has evolved organically to become a complete and comprehensive framework touching upon the full spectrum of human endeavor. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the resilience of multilateral institutions and we could perhaps agree that they have largely been found wanting. The loss of human lives has been exacerbated by the economic hardship that has been unleashed by this pandemic. Recovery, Resilience and reform is the need of the hour. It is in this context that South-South Cooperation needs to acquire a renewed vigour to effectively implement the outcomes of BAPA [Buenos Aires Plan of Action]+40.


During the pandemic, India reached out to more than 150 countries, offering medicines, critical medical equipment and vaccines, a human-centric global developmental approach. The second wave of the pandemic in India last year saw an outpouring of immense goodwill from all across the world. We express our gratitude to all those who came forward to support us.


The India-Brazil-South Africa Fund is an exemplary manifestation of a partnership between 3 robust and resilient emerging economies to ensure equal opportunity of development with sustainable and economic growth. Till date, 35 partner countries have benefited from an exchange of knowledge, skills and technologies across 39 developmental projects to deliver indigenous solutions for their people and chart out a better future for coming generations.


I will also take this opportunity to speak briefly on the achievements of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund which was established in 2017. In a short span of 5 years, the Fund has developed a portfolio of 66 development projects in partnership with 51 developing countries, focusing on  Southern-led, demand-driven development and transformational projects.


Through these funds, it has been our endeavour to focus on climate resilience, environmental sustainability, gender equality, renewable energy, improving maternal health, water and sanitation, education, employment and livelihoods, disaster recovery and risk management, agricultural development and infrastructure.


From supporting a project to get ready a Convention Centre in Palau to hosting an Ocean Conference, to rehabilitating hospitals in Antigua & Barbuda and Guyana, to building a school in Dominica, an Information Technology Centre of Excellence in Papua New Guinea to developing the capacity of women, to stem desertification in the Kanem and Lake Chad regions, the India Fund is directly impacting the lives of communities across the developing world. 


India has been playing its part in being a trusted and reliable partner for all, based off our ancient Indian ethos that sees the world as one family.

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation and also all the UN agencies which have worked tirelessly to partner alongside us, in making this vision of South-South Cooperation a success. We have a long way ahead of us and India is fully committed to realizing the true potential of this remarkable partnership.


As I conclude, allow me to reiterate India’s steadfast commitment to South-South Cooperation, including to Africa. India and Africa share a unique and historical relationship. Our approach to this partnership was enunciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018 through Ten Guiding Principles. We have worked with Africa as per Africa’s priorities, Africa’s comfort and Africa’s aspirations. We believe that Africa’s rise is essential for true multi-polarity in the global order and are committed to supporting that happening. India’s support has always been without any conditionalities or any hidden agenda. 


I conclude by reiterating India’s abiding and steadfast commitment towards south-south cooperation, may this excellent partnership continue to flourish for the greater global good. 


Thank you!