Security Council Reform Ambassador's Speeches

International Day of Nowruz - Remarks by Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, Permanent Representative





Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, Excellencies, 

I extend our warm greetings to all of you on this auspicious and joyous occasion of Nowruz. As in the past years India is proud to join the group of twelve countries that are co-hosting this event.

Excellencies & Friends,

Nowruz is auspicious as it marks new beginnings. The central message of Nowruz is eternal renewal and hope that sustains life and brings joy to people. This spring festival has been celebrated across regions for thousands of years. In celebrating Nowruz we celebrate our civilisational heritage. 

Excellencies & Friends,

The Parsi community arrived in India more than a thousand years ago. They brought Nowruz to India and since then the Parsi culture, their traditions and Nowruz itself have become an important thread in the Indian tapestry.  

The story of Parsis in India is truly inspiring and full of hope. They have played a huge part in building modern India. Despite their relatively small numbers, the contribution of Parsis is immense in diverse fields. From business to arts and culture, from sports to academia and government.  

Their experience remains relevant in contemporary troubled times as the world continues to struggle to formulate responses to those seeking refuge in distant lands. Their assimilation in their adopted home is exemplary and the contribution to their new home second to none. Shortly, we will play some excerpts from an award winning Indian documentary Qissa-e-Parsi: The Parsi Story.

The longstanding tradition of Nowruz has rightly been recognised as our collective Intangible Cultural Heritage. Nowruz, like other spring festivals such as Holi, celebrates the renewal of nature's gifts and is a harbinger of peace and prosperity. 

The affirmation of life in 'harmony with nature' that represents a key message of Nowruz was recognised by the General Assembly. This theme also finds resonance in the International Day of Yoga that emphasises the 'building of better individual lifestyles devoid of any kind of excesses'.  

Excellencies and Friends,

The themes of harmony with nature and lifestyles without excess are indispensable for the Agenda for Sustainable Development that we are pursuing. These must also be an integral part of our strategies to manage climate change. 

At an even broader level, these celebrations bring out humanity and promote mutual understanding, compassion and a friendly collaborative spirit. These inspire social harmony and peace. These universal values are at the core of the different faiths of the world. 

Let us all join together in celebrating this festival that brings out the beauty and colour of life and provide hope and optimism to us all. 

I wish you all Nowruz Mobarak.