General Assembly Security Council

UNSC briefing on Ukraine

[Friday, 29 July 2022]


Statement by Ambassador R. Ravindra, Charge d’affaires


Mr. President, let me begin by thanking USG Rosemary DiCarlo for briefing on the situation in Ukraine. 


2.    India continues to remain concerned over the situation in Ukraine. ​ The conflict has resulted in loss of lives and countless miseries for its peoples, particularly for women, children and elderly, with millions becoming homeless and forced to take shelter in neighboring countries. Reports of deaths of civilians in the ongoing conflict are deeply disturbing. We reiterate our grave concern in this regard.


3.    Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, India has consistently called for immediate cessation of hostilities and an end to the violence. India has called upon both sides to return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue, and also expressed its support for all diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. We believe that no solution can be arrived at the cost of innocent lives. Our Prime Minister has spoken to the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia on multiple occasions and reiterated India’s position. 


4.    The impact of the Ukraine conflict is not just limited to Europe. The conflict is exacerbating concerns over food, fertilizer and fuel security, particularly in the developing countries. It is necessary for all of us to adequately appreciate the importance of equity, affordability and accessibility when it comes to food grains. Open markets must not become an argument to perpetuate inequity and promote discrimination.


5.    In this context, we welcome the recent development towards ensuring the safe and secure export of grains and fertilizers. We hope these agreed measures will be implemented by all parties earnestly. We believe these measures alone may not be sufficient to address the food insecurity concerns. 


6.    ​India is committed to working constructively in mitigating the adverse impact of the conflict on food security.  India has been providing financial assistance as well as supplying food grains to countries to meet their food security needs and based on the request of their governments.  India has exported more than 1.8 million tons of wheat to countries in need, including to Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan and Yemen in the last three months. UNOCHA has also acknowledged that export of wheat from India has emerged as a key supply line for Yemen in the wake of the Ukraine conflict. We are continuing to help our neighbour Sri Lanka to ensure their food security. 


7.    We are trying to increase the production of fertilizers in India. There is also a need to focus on the availability of fertilizers and keep the supply chains of fertilizers smooth at a global scale. Similarly, efforts should be made to ensure stability in the global supply of fuel commensurate with the demand. 


8.    We reiterate the importance of UN Guiding Principles of Humanitarian Assistance. Humanitarian action must always be guided by the principles of humanitarian assistance, i.e., humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. These measures should never be politicized.


9.    We continue to reiterate that the global order is anchored on international law, UN Charter and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of states. 


I thank you.