General Assembly General Assembly
76th UN General Assembly
Informal Briefing on ‘Our Common Agenda’
4 August 2022
Trusteeship Council Chamber
Remarks by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj
Permanent Representative of India to the UN


​Mr. Secretary General, President of the General Assembly, Excellencies,

2.​May I begin by thanking all speakers for their very useful updates.

3.​With multiple interlinked OCA processes underway simultaneously, such periodic briefings by the Secretariat and the facilitators of the processes are extremely important, allowing all delegations to be fully informed about the status of each of the processes.

4.​India has been an active and constructive participant in the Our Common Agenda journey, from the release of the Secretary General’s Report back in September last year, the series of five thematic consultations convened by the PGA earlier this year, and now, the three intergovernmental processes initiated by the PGA.  

5.​Mr. Secretary General, we much appreciate your far reaching vision, and support many of the important ideas in your Report - in particular, those relating to gender equity, increasing youth participation, transforming education, and bridging the digital divide.  

6.​We also fully share your sense of urgency about the need for comprehensive reforms of the UN. We simply cannot fight today’s challenges with outdated structures. This is in fact, at the heart of Prime Minister Modi's call for a  “reformed multilateralism” that reflects today’s realities, gives voice to all stake holders, addresses contemporary challenges and focuses on human welfare.

7.​Excellencies, you may perhaps agree with me that for this to be truly "our" Common Agenda, the way forward must be decided by Members States themselves. This is why we firmly believe that all elements of the modalities of the Future Summit, including its outcome and substantive themes and tracks, must be decided as part of an intergovernmental process.

8.​We are certain that the Secretariat and co-facilitators will also keep in mind that the timing of the Future Summit should be decided with a view to allowing maximum participation and focus, without clashing with other scheduled high-level events.

9.​Finally, a word on over-arching priorities. We are collectively on the last leg of our journey to the 2030 deadline for achievement of the Sustainable Development goals. Multiple global crises have knocked many developing countries, especially the LDCs and the SIDs, off course from their SDG goals. The threat that terrorism poses to international peace and security remains potent and is growing. Our Common Agenda should not ignore terrorism, and we need to bring the counter terrorism discourse to the forefront.

10.​This is a time to sharpen our focus on developmental priorities, and not distract from them. Therefore, our expectation is that the Future Summit will be an occasion to lay down a clear roadmap for implementation of our existing commitments under the 2030 Agenda, in an inclusive and equitable manner. Let me close by assuring you, Secretary General, that at each step of the way, India will be your reliable and constructive partner.

Thank you.